How to Prepare to Score 100% in Physics in 12 Board Exams?

How to Prepare to Score100% in Physics in 12 Board Exams?


Hello Friends, pleasure to meet you in this virtual world. Being a physics teacher with experience of three decades I would tell  that no short cut can make you score 95 plus. 10 years back it was not that mountain climbing task. Those days by practicing derivation repeatedly, memorizing limited no. of short answer question of each chapter and with very few numerical solving of only few chapters, it was easy to score 65 plus out of 70 and rest school used to complement with 30/30 in practical. Having said i don’t mean undermining efforts of those who got similar score after a lot of hard work and understanding of subject. What i am saying is take tips from those who know rules of the game.

But now, CBSE Class 12th–physics, Board exam demands quite deep understanding of subject. Paper contains i) one mark question which can come from anywhere, which can’t be replied until being thorough with syllabus. ii) 2 marks -3 marks questions are good enough to test your reasoning ability. iii) Numerical questions   are even from additional exercises which are past years IIT questions. iv) Few derivation which makes paper quite lengthy. In totality, you need to know the art of reading, thinking, analyzing, practicing, visualizing, understanding and then representing science.

In this article I am not detailing list of chapters and its weightage. Which chapter, which question is less or more important is trivial to discuss when your mission is to score more than 95 or perfect score.

If you are being guided by a very good teacher, follow him very sincerely. If not in case, then let’s know the 14 points methodology to become master of any chapter of physics:

  1. Read all lines carefully of a topic to list out scientific/technical words emerging first time.
  2. Grab detail understanding about those from offline/online resources.
  3. Now read the topic again and buildup understanding
  4. Make your own notes- express understanding in your own words along with those words.
  5. Similarly move on to next topic and find the common scientific story being told with these topics which has application in your day to day life.
  6. Up till now you may have come across numerical, solve it.
  7. Remove mistake (if any) and solve many more questions on same topic to be thorough.
  8. Go ahead on next topic and follow 1 to 7.
  9. Now read your whole chapter notes at least twice. List out formulas and go through process how these have been derived.
  10. Do all exercise either conceptual or numerical .consult resources for removal of doubt. Do additional exercise from NCERT or other sources.
  11. Removal of doubt is key to broaden your understanding of topics.
  12. Be ready to take a test head on.
  13. Learn from mistakes and don’t repeat.
  14. Keep revising, move to next chapter, follow rules 1 to 13 and that’s all.

Please prepare your whole syllabus by following above rules. Now start getting ready for the final day. Few important tips to score 70/70 in physics in Class 12th boards

  1. After preparing whole syllabus take on MOCK BOARD
  2. Get it checked, find weakness
  3. Be careful about handwriting, length of your answer with respect to marks allotted.
  4. Use of proper terminology in answer, time spent on answer must be taken care.
  5. Be calm while writing paper to avoid miscalculation
  6. Diagram should neat and labeled
  7. Go through CBSE sample paper or take it as mock board
  8. Following 3 to 6, write mock board 6/7 times
  9. Have light food only
  10. Manage to have adequate sleep

Friends only this regime is the shortest way to succeed in PHYSICS. Your efforts will have dual benefit .This will also give you good footage in competitive exams for sure. This methodology backs you to score well in school exams and now just well maintained, timely submitted practical’s note book along with your good conduct can surely fetch you 30/30 in practical. Thanks for your reading and keep visiting.


T.N. Chowdhary

Managing Director

Turning point Institute