Success Stories

Given below are some words from our old students. Their Success gives us immense pride and joy. It also keeps us motivated and on a dedicated path to help all students realize their true potential. Read on…

Turning point was the battle ground in year 1993 to 1995 where l have learned the fundamental and advance physics. The Tej sir along with the faculty of Turning Point have imparted excellent teaching to help me clearing my pre —medical exams. l was selected in the Delhi Pre Medical Test in the year 1995 and this would not have been possible without the guidance and support of Tej Sir. The sacrificial commitment of Tej Sir to teach a student is always evidenced in their excellent educational and financial growth of their student.

Tej sir, with a passion for teaching and profound knowledge of the subjects, has always motivated and inspired thousands of HT and medical aspirants. The journey of reaching to the present position of Director of a Company “RTS Rural Technologies Solutions” would have not been possible without the guidance and support of Tej Sir.

I wish Turning Point and Tej Sir All the Best for his future endeavors.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar


RTS Rural Technologies Solutions


I am currently working in the capacity of a software architect at an MNC company in Noida. I now have more than 12 years of experience and during this journey, I have had the pleasure of founding two successful software product companies (my first venture has been acquired by PayTM). I have always targeted assignments with an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it is my preparation for engineering entrance examinations at the Turning Point institute or whether it is about building a business, my approach has been that of an entrepreneur. Tej Narain Choudhary sir was the first person who inspired me through his sheer energy, focus & commitment to a cause. He inculcated the entrepreneurial spirit in me & to this date, I owe my success largely to his contributions in my early life.

I was introduced to the Turning Point institute by a friend. Back then in the year 1998, Turning Point was a small institute with around 30 or 40 students. Tej Narain sir was always way more than an excellent physics teacher to us. Besides heavy (but fundamentally sound) doses of physics in his own classes, he used to maintain a strict vigil over us & the respective teachers in other subjects’ classes. He took on him that we succeed in every subject. Like the way we prepared for entrance exams back then, I do not think any coaching institute will ever prepare its students. It was way beyond the normal coaching classes of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.

Whenever I visit Paschim Vihar, I proudly take my kids to the Turning Point institute. It will be great to see my own kids studying there for their career goals. I wish Tej Narain sir, teachers & support team at Turning Point & all students great success ahead.

Nitin Gupta

Software Architect


I am currently a Co-Founder and Director of i4 Global Information Technologies Ltd. – a Multi-Million Dollar startup based out of Bangalore providing IT Services to Retail, CPG, and Fashion Customers. A seasoned Delivery and Consulting professional with a decade of experience spanning across various verticals and products. I Graduated National Institute of Fashion Technology in 2007.

I joined Turning point in 2001 as I entered the IIT preparation phase in my 1 1th Standard. After hearing a lot about other coaching institutes in Delhi; I finally zeroed on Turning Point as my choice just because of the attention you get in Turning Point, in now a day when you see many people using technology for education like iPads, Tablets, portals etc.; Turning point is the only institute I Believe which provides one on one attention and guidance so that one can fulfill their dreams. Mr. Chowdhary is a living example of how a teacher should be Involved in overall assessment of the student in terms of strengths and weakness; and how weakness can be converted to strengths. It’s been close to 16 years that I first stepped inside Turning Point for 2 years. I must confess I have never seen an institute so focused and dedicated. Things I learned in those 2 years are still with me and will always remain with me. As part of a journey of a startup; when I see Turning point from business perspective; it clearly shows that you should do what is your interest in life and not what you don’t like.

Mr. Chowdhary and his family have devoted more than 2 decades of their lives in creating students into successful people. I wish Turning point and Mr. Chowdhary’s family and students all the best in becoming successful. I follow a quote every day and so does turning point – “Luck is for the lazy, success is for those who work hard”

Currently working as a solution consultant in Israel headquartered MNC and serving Telecom industry for last 9 years. Not getting into personal profiling much. But the overall success credit goes to turning point, when actually career used to stay on stake, all hard work needs to be put along with discipline and the perfectionist who is driving you towards your goals.

Many a times, students preparing hard for their dreams to be achieved but they always need to reason to get motivated. Most crucial points, I refer to as:

Preparation content-content is everywhere almost same as getting copied at many places. So it doesn’t stay that much important as can’t make much of difference. So, rating 8/10 to turning point.

Mentor: lot of industry experts available for subjects but their delivery expertise matters for which I rate chowdhary sir: 9/10 as nothing is ideal in this world (physics law).

Self devotion: your mind set needs to be fully focused but that age 16—1 8 is really distracting, so someone required who can keep you on track while achieving checkpoints. So I personally feel that required attention was their in turning point all the time which kept me remained focus and motivational speeches by chowdhary sir. So I rate again 9/10 with the same reason else would have given 10/ l 0.

Intelligence: with your hard work, you can get into top 5%. But if you really need to be in top few ranks, then intelligence only is the key factor which can make a difference. Intelligence could be in you, still someone is  required to discover and nurture it. So here is 9/10 again.

In Day to day motivation by mentors along with content delivery and tracking of performance for improvisation can surely land you to success. Big cheers to my associations with Turning point.

I wish them to have great future prospects and keep nurturing talents.

Tarun Nangia

Co—Founder and Director

i4 Global Information Tech.Ltd.


Hi, myself Dr. Garima Ruhela completed my graduation from Maulana Azad institute of Dental Sciences and post graduation from Govt. Dental College, Guwahati. I am currently working as clinic head in India’s largest dental chain. Passion to be a doctor was always there inside me but to achieve something great all your efforts should go in right direction and the path was shown by Chowdhary Sir. He had such clarity of concept of even the minutest thing in the subject and the way he used to make us understand was incredible. The institute was never actually a class, it was always a second home that’s why all of us were able to devote long hours and the result was excellent. We cracked our entrances and excelled in our field.

I started my journey with Turning Point in 2000 when I was in class XI and that point was the milestone. I respect Chowdhary Sir from bottom of my heart for being my mentor and always guiding me. I congratulate Turning point for completing 23 years of excellence and wish more successful years ahead.

so|ution consu|ta M

Israel Headquartered MNC


I started my journey with Turning Point in 2000 when I was in class XI and that point was the milestone. I respect Chowdhary Sir from bottom of my heart for being my mentor and always guiding me. I congratulate Turning point for completing 23 years of excellence and wish more successful years ahead.

I have been a software developer in telecom for last 12+ years, currently associated with C-DOT.

l have previously worked with Aricent Technologies and done my B-Tech in ECE from IGIT. I attribute a large part of what I have accomplished today to Turning Point especially Chowdhary Sir. He is an exceptional teacher, the way he makes even the most complex of problems seem simple with innate logic. He connects with his students and gives a personal touch to everyone by explaining concepts in a way each one can relate. Turning Point to me has also been a pillar of strength and support during the difficult phase of preparing for competition. I have always received the right guidance here and am indebted to Chowdhary Sir for helping me achieve my goals.

Nikita Taneja

Sr. Research Scientist



I am currently working in a French Multinational Network & IT Services company as the Head of a team with about 30 specialists. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Delhi and have about 14+ years of industry experience in the fields of Network Operations & Services as well as Configuration & Data Quality Audit & Governance. The initial interest in this wonderful world of computers & networks was sparked when I was studying at Turning Point back in 1995 when I went there to study Physics for my 1 1th and 12th Standard & engineering competitive exams preparation.

Tej Sir, as how I refer to him, has been a blessing. His approach to teaching was novel and one that I had never seen before. He would try to work the concept with you and not just throw it at you and he always succeeded. This drove the concept into your mind in such a way that you could see it as an image. Even today when I’m interacting my teams, I feel there is an important part of Tej sir inside me as it was not just Physics or Mathematics that I learnt from him. The way he dealt with students or his peers, juniors alike also taught me very important lessons of how people are more important than any material thing can be.

“Do more numericals, it will help you understand” I still remember how he used to say this & forced us to solve all 1756 numericals of Physics in a book from an author called Radhey Shyam. It sure did help as after those days, I never ever memorized any formula. I derived them on the spot always. Turning Point surely lived upto its name in my life and there is no limit to how much I can write about this but just want to wish Tej Sir & Turning Point & all the people associated with them all the success in future.

Gaurav Mathur

Head-Data Management Team

Orange Business Services


Tej sir taught me physics in 1996. His teaching style not only helped me in achieving 96% marks in physics in 12th Class but also helped me in competitive exams (HT, PEC, etc), resulting in me getting admission in PEC Chandigarh. It also helped shaped my future. After finishing my B. Eng. from PEC, I did my M.Met and PhD. from University of Sheffield, UK. At present, I lead a R & D group at Johnson Mat they Noble Metals at Cambridge, UK. It is a chemical company specialising in precious metals such as platinum, rhodium, Iridium etc for niche applications in aerospace, nuclear and Bio medical. I wish everyone all the best for your studies. I am sure Tej sir’s enthusiasm and energy will help all of you to achieve success in life.”

Ritesh Rawal

Johnson Mat they Noble Metals

Cambridge (UK)


lam Shruti Dewen, with a great amount ofgratitude for Chowdhary Sir! I did my B.E. from Delhi College of Engineering. Then, I went on to finish my PGDM at IIM Indore and have been working in different roles in the media and entertainment industry since then. Currently, I am based in Dubai working with the largest Pay TV organization the Middle East.

I give my heartfelt credit to Turning Point for guiding me on this career path. Chowdhary Sir, played a significant role in helping me build great foundation and reach where I am today. When it came to concepts, he made things extremely simple. He made the most complex of the topics in Physics turn into daily chit chat like easy. To add to that, he was so caring and influential a teacher that on all our distracted or low days, he motivated us to get up and get going.

Chowdhary Sir also ensured all his carefully selected teachers at Turning Point delivered great quality teaching. His passion for education and great performance was so infectious, that everyone around him started to pick it up sooner or later. I hope the excellence of turning point reaches more and more students each year! I wish all students ofturning pointagreat successful career.

labia.” .” it

Shruti Dewen



lam working as a Technical Lead in the domain of Computer Networks and Telecommunication for Ciena Corporation at California, United States. My current field of work is Network Virtualization. I have over 10 years of industry experience working on resilient and high capacity next generation Switches and Routers for major networking giants such as Cisco Systems and AlcateI—Lucent. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineeringfrom Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. This was a stepping stone in shaping my career. The credit of my success goes to Mr. T.N. Chowdhary and entire Turning Point team, who not only educated me to crack the entrance examinations, but also made me capable enough to succeed professionally and personally thereafter.

Joining Turning Point Institute was a major turning point of my life. I was really having a challenge understanding Physics in my Class XI until I met Chowdhary Sir. He visited our school to deliver a guest lecture on Mechanics. The way he explained the fundamental concepts and innovative covered the entire topic, those 2 hours convinced (or rather persuaded me from within) to join Turning Point that

weekend itself. A paragraph is not enough to explain about Chowdhary Sir’s art of teaching but I can try to explain it by quoting a simile—“These days, Nursery poems and rhymes are introduced to kids in the form of videos and cartoons that beautifully illustrate and visually explain the meaning of each and every word of poem. Imagine what if similar concept of education were to exist for subjects in higher education. This exactly is the specialty of Chowdhary Sir. What Graphics / Videos are to the poems and rhymes, Chowdhary Sir is to Physics. The way he explains the fundamental concepts of each and every topic with excellent examples, students start visualizing and understanding the concepts rather than blindly mugging and remembering it.”

Truly said — “A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart”. You are that to me Chowdhary Sir. | wish you and the entire team of Turning Point all the best and keep blessing the students with your art of teaching. To students, you are in great hands. All the best for your future!

Ankit Sood

Technical Lead in Ciena,

California (US)


I came to know about Turning Point in 2003 when l was in XI standard. Mr. T.N. Chowdhary came to our school to deliver a lecture on Mechanics and he left an indelible impression. He introduces the subject by giving a lucid exposure ofthe fundamentals. Every lecture covers a fundamental concept, is self contained and mostly independent. Several problems of varying difficulty level are given which tests the understanding. The solutions to most of them are worked out in next class. What makes him great is his command over the art of teaching. He can understand in few seconds where a particular student is a stuck and how his visual picture regarding the concept needs to be re-drawn entirely or modified slightly. This particular trait is rare and comes with years of experience. A good teacher teaches the subject well and a great one inspires you to go further in the subject. He teaches you the art of reading a book, why every line in it acts as a brush stroke to paint the visual picture of concept.This particular quality makes T.N.Chowdhary stay with you for the lifetime.

lam currently a Ph.D. student working in the field of Computer Science in IIT Delhi and have done Masters from “T Delhi. l have an year ofindustry experience in Research and Development Sector. I wish chowdhary sir, his entire team & students lead by his vision a great success.

Shashank Sharma

Ph.D. Student

||T Delhi